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Bradshaw, John (2005). Healing the Shame that Binds You: Recovery Classics Edition. Health Communications Inc.

RECOMMENDED: Friel, J. & Friel, L. (1990). Adult Children: The secrets of Dysfunctional Families, Health Communications Inc.

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RECOMMENDED: Narcissistic Mother by Michelle Piper:

Resources for Adult Children of Narcissists:

Joanna Ashmun on NPD:

Light's House:

Out of the Fog on NPD:

Randi Kreger on NPD:

Psych Central on narcissitic mothers:

Characteristics of the narcissitic mother:

On dysfunctional families:

On family roles:

On Narcissitic vs Borderline Mother: 'The Borderline/Narcissitic Mother' (


- Wikipedia on the Myth of Narcissus:

- Wikipedia on Narcissism:

- Wikipedia on NPD:

- Wikipedia on the narcissistic parent:

- Wikipedia on True and False Self:



RECOMMENDED: Raised by narcissists on

Psych Forums: Sons of Narcissistic Mothers (Adult or otherwise):



RECOMMENDED: Blog by Stephen Bach, the son of a narcissistic mother:



Misery (1990). Director: Rob Reiner - Writers: Stephen King (novel), William Goldman (screenplay)

Mommie Dearest (1981). Director: Frank Perry - Writers: Christina Crawford (book), Robert Getchell et al.

Tangled (2010). Director: Nathan Greno , Byron Howard - Writers: Dan Fogelman (screenplay), Brothers Grimm (fairy tale)


TV Fiction

The Big Bang Theory (2007 - ). Creator: Chuck Lorre

Two and a half Men (2003 - ). Creator: Chuck Lorre



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